About Us

Welcome to Pucer Screens -

the only all weather roof screens for campers and caravans. If it pops up, we cover it.

PucersScreens was formed after years of festivals where I was getting my canvas wet, folding down the roof, and then the canvas soaked bed. So there was the case of getting home, lifting roof and hopefully all drying out until next time. As well, as the cold.

I started with basic thermal material which would work to some degree but noisy in the wind and not 100% waterproof. Over the next couple of years slowly improving the design, until 2014 I could improve no more. The Screen I make today is made up for 5 parts: Thermal, Rigidity, 100% NON-Porous, Structure, and Storage. Which brings together all you need for protection against all weathers as well being light weight, easy to use and store, and no fixings apart from bungee supplied. 

All my Screens have been made from a template or me measuring the roof then once it fits properly then I stock it. Though there are so many roofs and so many sizes I work on a 5mm tolerance every way to adapt.

Rainy nights camping, Pucer Thermal Screen wet on the out side, no problem your canvas is still dry and won't start to smell and your Pucer Thermal Screen comes with a water proof bag to keep the damp inside until you can dry it off and wipe it down for your next camping adventure.

There is a 12 month guarantee on the stitching.

Got a question on which roof you have or want to send us your measurements to have one custom made, no worries...

Sure you hate that feeling on a hot summer night when you get in your van and it's roasting, well no more - this screen will cool your van down to a comfortable temperature.

OK so some cold nights away are just chilling to the bone, well this screen will help you stay warm and dry in the winter too. Think of it like insulating your house - you wouldn't leave all the windows open once you put the heating on!

No fixing, lightweight and easy to store in your van.